What's a Slot racing?
Size there is 1/24 to 1/32, 1/43, 1/87 etc. of an on the spot photograph
and be moving it withthe electricity that is attached to the back of the car the brush
and be flowing to an exclusive use course. It adjusts it with the controller.
I introduce 1/24 scale mainly here.

At present, I am able to have fun from an upper grade person from a beginner with
the type of a mainstream. It is faithful to a real car.

Wing Car
The type that is carried out in America mainly. It is 2 seconds of level the course
of the one round of 46 m. As for the professional class of the highest peak,
(group 7) the world record be 1 second of level!
A blue king truck.
A blue king be entire United States title
authorization layout.
(Group 7)
the motor be 100,000 turns! !
This does not move it much my machine.

In addition to this there are a lot of categories.